We are people created for the well-being of the soul and the body of people. We must carry the responsibility of changing our moral values to extend the kind spirit and encouragement to the industry of Board Games and to all who are introduced to our tools.


“Better Games Better People”

Wisemen Games will focus its energy on bringing excellent games that have values of learning to the United States of America .All its energy will be spent on perfect localization of the game to spread this excellence to the world.


To provide Education-savy people and retailers with high quality games with high educational values to stress and stably localize the fresh and ingenius academia from Korea globally.

Concept of Nuclear Value:

Integrity  – Fairness and Patient behavior in doing business

Character – Not excited but grateful and humble yet confident in product

Purpose Driven Effort  – Share with others the wornderful purpose that playing games mean to our lives rather than sheer enjoyment which is its intrinsic value, we understand and profess the ideas of the inventor and the needs of our customers


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